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Amie // on location portrait


Over the summer we travelled quite a bit.  We took back roads and the long way through small towns and lots of farmland.  We had a few destinations in mind to visit, but much of the trip was left open for the possibility of getting to wander and discover.  While we were in North Carolina, I had the chance to meet up with Amie in one of these small towns and take some photos for her.  It was a blast to find the little cafes and shop corners that held that perfect light, ready to be used to tell a story for Amie.  When we stumbled upon that old truck I about died of happiness.

Amie, it was a pleasure to connect with you and your bright spirit as we captured some moments of what it's like to be "you" right here and right now.

Friends, meet Amie...

Greer Family 2014


I had such a great time shooting for this family, these kids were amazing.  When Rebekah first connected with me, she mentioned that her kids were creative and into learning new things.  Then she went on to say that they'd taught themselves to play the ukulele, write novels, and love to longboard.  Um, awesome!? I couldn't wait to meet them and spend some time together.  This was an especially important moment for Rebekah and Kevin as they were preparing to send their oldest son, Wes, off to college this fall.  It was an honor to capture some of the sweeter moments with this family, as well as finding moments where the kids could be, well, themselves, in front of the lens.  What a super fun evening, complete with lots of laughter and candid memories forever held still in these photographs.  Here are a few highlights from our shoot:

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