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I am a fan of shopping fair trade, handmade, one of a kind, and socially good shops. I thought you might be too, so I compiled a list of shops and items that are awesome, beautiful, smart, and things the moms in my life would actually want (what a concept!):)The best part it, most of these products are also socially responsible and support vulnerable women from Africa to Iraq. So while you’re giving your mama a beautifully packaged organic vegan bar of soap handmade by women at Sisterhood Soap, you can tell her that each bar helps empower mamas just like her in Iraq that had to flee Isis with nothing. That is something to feel pretty darn good about!




Sudara lounge pants / This Invitational Life book / Wildflower Roots jewelry / Sisterhood Soap / Present Over Perfect book CORM Child Sponsorship / 31 Bits jewelry / Remnant International crossbody purse


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In addition to my black chelsea boots, my fav navy Anine Bing shoes (which are sadly now sold out) and a few other sweaters and winter items I reluctantly still need as we transition to spring in Chicago, I’m adding these items into the rotation. The shirts are my favorites because they are so so soft and not see-through. Anyone else find that this soft-but-not-too-thin combo seems to be nearly impossible to find? I wear them pretty much every day. And the floral skirt pairs great with a graphic tee or flannel button-down. That dry shampoo is my freaking savior – I am kind of obsessed with it because: it actually works. And it smells so good and did I mention, it works? Dry shampoo that really works is like Christmas morning for all the mamas out there who haven’t got a hot holy second for such time consuming tasks as washing their own hair. For the love. Moving on. These things are good, and you are good, and so I wanted to pass them on! Happy (almost) spring! XO


basic t-shirt in black, white, gray; printed lace midi skirt; ice leather sandal; dry shampoo; gold bar bracelet; split neck striped tee; cross slide sandal; lace bra; army mini skirt; pink graduate cardi; midrise denim;  biker trousers

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  • May 17, 2016 - 11:14 am

    Patience - Hello Aditi,You are absolutely correct there. Many people do blogging for hobby, that makes them feel good, but these days, most of the people do this for money, especially, yonerstugs.And yes, that’s true that blogging helps us to meet new, different people around the world. That is my favorite part by the way.Abhi recently posted..ReplyCancel

1909329_10202239224357354_7296242090872574046_ocurrently i’m listening to him as he pretends to be prince eric and she ariel while she takes a bath in the nearby room. she is giggling as he’s doing the whole voice thing, making sure to enunciate and dramatize for full effect. he loves to make her laugh. and that’s just one of the many things i love about him.

when he became a dad for the first time, it was the father/son image that he clung to. it was in so many ways just exactly what he had hoped for. and then the second time around, we were again hoping for a boy, this time a boy who lived in africa. that little one we still long for as our adoption story unfolded ever so differently than we had ever imagined.

and then, a girl. little mercy june.

she surprised us in all the ways, making herself a part of our family at the most perfect and unexpected time, introducing us to a whole new level of grace in the midst of grief. he was less sure of himself this time around – the uncharted territory of fathering a girl was a daunting weight. he was anxious, but i wasn’t. not for a second. because i had experienced his tenderness, his attentiveness, his generosity when it came to praise. i knew this little girl was going to feel seen and known from the start.

sure, there would be things we’d have to figure out along the way (hello temper tantrums and all the big feelings!) but that was stuff we could navigate. the most important stuff, the stuff that shapes a little girl’s heart – that stuff was intuitively in him already. so as i sit here and listen to them, an unannounced witness to their very tender relationship, i can’t help but feel overcome with gratitude at him. a guy who is learning as he goes. a person who strives to love well, often times learning from scratch with no prior example to follow.

i admire him, i am so so thankful for him. i know that because of him and his willingness to be the prince in her story now, she will never doubt that she is worthy of taking up her space, of being seen and known and cherished just as she is. she doesn’t need a prince to validate her – no. but, a father who gently and consistently instills in her a sense of value and respect empowers her to develop and speak her voice over a lifetime. the world is going to be different because of mercy, i know ours already is. and i have him to thank for much of that.


*photo credit Julie Harmsen Photography from our trip to Maui when she was just months old.

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  • February 20, 2016 - 5:52 am

    Ann Lindberg - That was hauntingly beautiful, the story any woman would wish for her children, herself, her marriage, their lives.ReplyCancel

happy friday friends! fresh inspiration:

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hope your days inspire and surprise you!



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