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To me, the best part of photographing is the chance to grab a fleeting moment and stop it in time. So much happens in the space between one second and the next. The slight turn of a head, the wink, the twist of fabric or light shooting through tall grasses. Life speeds by us and at the end of every day we are left with a collection of how the hours made us feel – the interactions and places we inhabited, the words spoken and touches felt. But, the details of what leads to that overall sense of being loved comes from millions of these tiny moments strung together in a brilliant love song. My work as a photographer is to notice the details, to find the honesty and collect it, develop it, and reflect it back to you through the images I make. I don’t put great effort into staged shoots or perfect pictures, instead I love to find the messy and true, which I find much more interesting. My type of portraiture may not be for everyone (and that’s okay!) but if you are looking for a way to see yourself and your loved ones through my artist eye, I would love to meet you. learn more


I hold fast to the idea that we are wired innately to create, and that if we’re willing to do a little digging we can rediscover those lost bits of ourselves. Creativity leads us beyond ourselves, so be open to the world around you and be ready to be amazed at how your art mends this broken world. I discovered my love for art when I was four and picked up her first paints and sketching pencils. Primarily a painter, I also use a variety of materials such as photographs, lyrics and poems, fabric and other elements on canvas and wood to extend my creative message. I see art as a vessel for truth-telling, and therefore try to create from a deep and honest place, reflecting in my work themes of hope and healing and a promise that love is the ultimate victor. A a common theme of all that I make is that by being brave and embracing our own creativity, we can set ourselves and one another free. We can move from making a living to making a life worth living. I facilitate creativity workshops in Southern California and Chicago IL, as well as participating in gallery shows. My work has been shown in galleries in Grand Rapids; Hurley Headquarters, FIND Art Gallery, and RockHarbor Studio Gallery in Costa Mesa; PÄS Gallery, Tranquil Tea Lounge, and Artology Gallery in Fullerton; Angelina Art Walk Downtown Barrington, IL. learn more

Words have always been a way for me to make sense of what my heart sees. I love to express the ways I notice this one wild life through words and poetry. Often I write about mothering, creativity, and current events occurring in our world. I’ve also written for David C Cook, HomeFront Magazine, Willow Germany, and other guest blogs. I don’t get to blog as often as I would like, but I do love the space it gives me to process and unwind my thoughts in an informal and accessible way. I welcome comments and love hearing when what I share connects. Please note that any unkind or negative comments will be removed at my discretion. Let’s keep it kind and positive here, friends!