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It’s finally fall! Yes, technically it’s been fall for a while now, but man that last week was HOT. But today, today is sunshine and breezes and crisp leaves on sidewalks. I love this time of year so much. I’ve started making apple sauce and baking bread and putting away the summer things, making room for cozy sweaters and thicker blankets. This playlist is probably the last one I’ll be listening to from now until its time to bring out the Christmas tunes. I also bought all of the spice tea and coffee from Trader Joes that there is, because it is AMAZING (as is their pumpkin bread mix if you didn’t already know!)

Homeschool is in full swing, and so far so good. Truth be told, both Emerson and I had colds this week so it was a little lax in the intellectual department. We got our reading, copywork, and math work done and spent the rest of the time snuggled on the couch with a cup of tea and a couple movies. I’m hoping to pick back up next week as we jump further into The Island of the Blue Dolphins (one of my favs!) I’m combining the history of California, geography of the islands and oceans, literature from the book, and study of ocean life into science. I really super love that we can take one great story and mold a complete school day around it.

There have been a few moments of internal freaking out on my part as I realize the enormous weight of his education I’m holding right now. I feel so unqualified, so afraid of not giving him enough, that it can feel paralyzing. But in those moments I’ve been able to zoom into focus the single moment before me – whether its drawing a map of San Nicolas island or working on our dolphin sketch for nature journals – one next right step at a time. We’re consuming this experience one bite at a time. And that changes everything.

And on another note, one more geared toward self-care and home-care, here are some of my recent favorite things for fall:

This one day bread recipe

This all-natural cleaning product

These shirts in both colors

These jeans in summer dune

These flowers, delivered monthly

These candles in salt & sage

I’ve added some new art prints which are all now available here!

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