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so about homeschool

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we’re all in. to homeschool, that is. the last few years i’ve been on the fence, wavering from frustration at the public school system to fear at the thought of taking it on myself. emerson has ridden his own wave of emotions throughout the summer as well. sometimes he’s excited, other times he’s scared of missing out on cool class stuff. i get it. but – something clicked over these last few days and we’re all kinds of excited now.

i’m a four on the enneagram, with a tendency to lean into my five wing most of the time (if all of this sounds like another language, stop and click here to learn about all the amazingness that is the enneagram.. seriously, do it.) the point of my saying this is that i really have the odds stacked against me when it comes to things like organization and keeping a schedule. i wish you could see my desk right now, you would not even try to argue with me about this terrible anti-organized-itus that i have.

homeschool, as it so happens, does require a certain amount of planning. and scheduling. and intention. when i first set out to do this thing, i reached out to my beautiful instagram community for help. so many amazing people commented with tips and insights and encouragement. it was so lovely! i decided to go down the charlotte mason rabbit trail because i really connected with her living books concept and the general idea that our kids are wired to learn, we just need to provide opportunities and resources and let them engage with the world around them. just – so much yes and amen to that!

i thought i’d include some links to what i’ve learned, some resources that have been helpful, websites with handy supplies and planners and all that good stuff. i know i’ll be back with more, but right now i’m committed to holding it loosely and letting it unfold as it needs to. to all those who are considering homeschool or are curious about what we’ll be up to, i can’t promise to do it perfectly but will certainly try to be as honest and clear as possible as we dive in – so glad to have you along for the adventure!

what is charlotte mason? – a great introductory website for her philosophy

ambleside online – aka a gift from the heavens

math (side note: thank the good lord for teaching textbooks! it makes math… fun. really it does! i left the workbook out on the kitchen counter last week, just to see how he’d interact with it. he’s already on lesson 8 – he does it for fun. for fun, people! #allthepraisehands

learning without tears – penmanship and some fun journal workbooks

wild + free – an awesome community of diverse families who homeschool in all sorts of ways

this blog + book

this homeschool mama (her posts are lovely but not often updated – be sure to follow her on IG too!)

my tentative schedule for term 1 (we are breaking the school year into 3 terms: sept-nov, jan-march, april-june)

so that’s where we are for now! more soon, of course, like always. and probably some changes along the way. we’re still dreaming of a podcast, something easy and imperfect, an invitation to come along as we learn together. more soon.

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