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When I began the Be Brave Creative Workshops all those years ago, I had no idea just how many kindred hearts I would discover on the journey to develop and break free in my creativity.  Through practices of reflection, inspiration, and creation we find ways to face our fears, embrace our perfectly imperfect selves and become free to dance, to breath deeply, to put our brushes to canvas and paint from an honest, intuitive place.  These workshops are designed to be inclusive and beneficial for everyone – from the person who has never picked up a paintbrush in their life, to the person who exclaims they “don’t have a creative bone in their body” all the way to the accomplished artist who is searching for some fresh direction and inspiration.  All are welcome.
PAINTER SARAH Carter will lead workshops developed specifically with you in mind. By utilizing a combination of journaling, collaging, painting, and a healthy dose of inspiration and rest, she helps you open up to your own creativity.  Gather in a space that feeds creativity, whimsical and calming and musical and full of color.
Light. Vibrancy. Breathe deeply.
If it has been a while since you’ve allowed yourself the time to play, this workshop may be the perfect addition to your calendar.
This is a process-based workshops led by artist and painter Sarah Carter.  Together you will walk through times of guided journaling, reflection, inner searching, and rest.  Paired with a healthy dose of fun, light-heartedness, inspirational images and stories, this time is meant to refuel us.  This is not a technical workshop, although you will learn skills and tools that will equip and empower you as you create.  We will also spend time learning the basics of painting, using acrylic paints and soft bristled brushes to apply colors onto canvas.  There is no such thing as “right and wrong” in this workshop – everything is geared toward the collective, holistic creative experience.  The entire hope is that at the end of our time together, you will discover that you are an artist at heart, and that in fact, have been one all along.  This workshop gives you the space, tools, and opportunities through guided artist practice, to build a foundation of creative confidence that will last a lifetime.
​The artworks at the end are for you to keep as brave reminders that you have “it” in you and “it” wants to play!  All supplies are included in the workshop fees (although you may want to bring your own keepsakes, images, and an apron or smock to keep your clothing from becoming part of your art project!)
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