"I see art as a vessel for truth-telling and liberation. My work reflects themes of hope and healing and invites the viewer to have an experience of connection with a piece."


About Sarah

Artist + Writer

Sarah Carter is a desert mystic storyteller, though you may also know her as a writer, artist, activist, wife, and mother. She is an advocate for women and the marginalized and an avid lover of black coffee, full moons, and plucky truth-tellers. She is also a pastor’s wife who has gone through a process of deconstruction after encountering corruption of leadership within their prior church, Willow Creek Community Church. 

An Arizona desert native, Sarah can be found hiking the trails with her two retriever doodle pups and making magic happen in her artist studio. She also hosts wild wolf woman creative workshops and retreats in her cabin in north woods where many an evening is spent gathered around the fire, sharing stories of liberation. Her other talents include: smashing the patriarchy, tracking deer in the forest with her children, forgetting laundry in the washer, and cooking. Sarah enjoys listening to music, deep chats with dear friends and strangers, bone-crushing honesty, and creating beautiful things with paint. 

She has two decades of partnership with local and global NGOs to serve the vulnerable, in particular, women and children, and is on the Board of Directors for the City of Refuge nonprofit assisting at-risk women and children rescued out of human trafficking in Ghana. She has written for David C Cook, HomeFront Magazine, Willow Creek Community Church, and other online spaces as a guest contributor. Sarah currently lives in Phoenix with her husband Steve, and children Emerson and Mercy.